Fulham, London, UK

Architect: 23 Architecture LTD
Long Format Brick Manufacturer: Innova Tile//Fornace S.Anselmo (Lorregia, Italy)
Completed: 2017

This project used S. Anselmo’s innovative ISOVISTA panelized system for the masonry installation. This system has our Corso Terra bricks in color VTB adhered to each 5 ft X 5 ft panel at the factory. We used a Sicilian bond pattern, with no aligning header joints. It is then labeled according to the drawings that S. Anselmo prepared in partnership with 23 Architecture. Each panel had a specific place and purpose. When the pallets arrived to the job site, each pallet was in order sequentially of the placement on the wall. Each panel was adhered to the wall, utilizing the pre-drilled holes from factory.

Corso is not just limited to exterior use. When you use Corso brick in your interiors it enhances the look and feel of your projects as nothing else in the market.

The history, the technique, the material, the colors are based on centuries of experience in the use of terracotta, showcasing beauty and usability. Each work with Corso will be a unique realization of art and style.

Corso Terra CT002VTB





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Case Study Lillie Bridge