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The search for shiny and gaudy effects has been associated with beauty and opulence. In the past, since early Babylonians, the first glazed terracotta artisans, the development of colored glossy glazes had led to the creation of projects of great magnificence.

Over time glazes and enamels have been proposed in various forms expressing different concepts up to the most common use in ceramics. However, the result achieved by glazing terracotta elements remains a timeless product, that now is even more current than ever.

The new proposal of glazes enhances and embellishes the terracotta while maintaining its most honest form. We are referring to products that show the warmth of terracotta through shiny and opaque colors, pastel and metallic reflections, intense and subtle shades. All of this bringing a new breath on an universe as ancient as the raw material that composes it.

Standard Colors

Glazed by S.Anselmo offers striking colors with a range that covers the entire rainbow without dwelling too much on nuances. Our 10 standard colors satisfy every need starting from the brightest shades up to the metallic and pearly ones. Difficult to choose!

Custom Colors

S.Anselmo has always offered the service of color and texture development. Characteristics that are customary of our company and allow us to work on projects of high aesthetic and historical values such as important restoration jobs all over the world. Through our research and development process we can match any color and texture offering also solutions and effects such as water drops and craquelè.



We are inspired by the materials that surround, us in order to reproduce colors and textures that are quite far away from the world of terracotta but that once they are put together with terracotta, reveal a particular beauty because of their distance from the basic material. This is how contemporary metallic effects are born, same as the more vintage lead effects typical of our color developments.

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Our production capacity together with our experience in the terracotta world allow us to apply glazes and enamels not only to extruded wire-cut terracotta elements but also to our entire range of soft-mud bricks including waterstruck production thus offering glazed solutions on different surfaces and with plenty of character.


Technical Info

At S.Anselmo we like to excel in everything we do. Glazed Bricks is just another line of products which shows this attitude. Our clients can be confident that our products have passed the main typical tests for glazed terracotta guaranteeing the best possible quality standards.

With our extensive experience in the terracotta industry we can attest our glazed bricks are unbeaten in beauty and durability making them the ideal choice for the perfect building design. Our products don’t require ongoing maintenance and repainting and for these reasons stands the test of time showing amazing colors during the whole life-cycle.

Our service include, for specific projects, bespoke color, texture and shape development making S.Anselmo one of the most flexible players in the terracotta space. We can help you all the way from the consultation phase through the final installation providing a turnkey contract if needed.

Some of the main benefits of our products:

  • double firing warrants integral glaze finish is resistant to fading and most chemicals
  • stain, smog and graffiti can be cleaned with soap and water
  • impact, abrasion and weather resistant
  • will never peel, discolor or need painting
  • fire resistant
  • more than 150 bespoke colors developed

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