Our Brick is characterized by the surface that is the result of the manual design and it is improved by the contribution of a variety of colors that depends on different clays, sands and temperatures of the firing process. Innova Tile by S.Anslemo brick is unique and unmatchable; it is created to cover external and interior façades of buildings in both veneer and full bed, giving chromatic intensity and soft structure to each project. The utilization of our Brick is clearly an exclusive and architectural choice.

Innova Tile by S.Anselmo is the only company in the USA market that is able to supply Italian Bricks in various range of sizes & over 50 colors. In all sizes it is maintained the expressive features and the aesthetical qualities of the Italian old world & also contemporary look.

Available in Veneer Bricks

This is the ideal solution for the optimization of the cladding for spaces, volumes, façades, especially in the case of insulated walls. They are particularly used for the decoration internal spaces.

In the external spaces, they are used as cladding for façades, giving the same aesthetical effect of full bricks. Innova Tile by S.Anselmo Veneer bricks and corners are available in all the wide range of our produced colors, in various sizes including Romans, Queen, & Euro Size.

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