Lavor Tondo

In the world of cotto, “Lavor Tondo” is the other side of the coin to “square ware”.

Its roots are anchored in the centuries-old tradition of terracotta, and in Man’s ability to fashion clay into vessels by hand. Innumerable shapes and styles of jars, pots, bowls and ornamental items bear witness to the infinitely varied needs of ordinary people, and to their aesthetic ideals.


Architectural Items

cornices, rails, window sills, etc.

Under the guidance of architect Adolfo Natalini, Il Ferrone has conducted extensive and thoroughgoing research aimed at offering architects and designers a range of plain and decorative mouldings in cotto for urban furnishing and building adornment applications. Thanks to the variety of items offered, the pedigree of the material and the quality of the design, this series of products is able to provide an indispensable and matchless tool for architectural projects using cotto.


Ornamental Items

jars, pots, conch shells, etc.

The beauty and durability of Impruneta terracotta jars that have come down to us over the centuries provide tangible evidence — if indeed any were needed — of the unique nature and high quality of this very special clay. These noble terracotta pieces are still being made by Il Ferrone today, and offered in a range of essentially classic designs that will transform any garden into a veritable open air museum.

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