Traditional Rustic

A distinctive, uniform “Florentine red” colour and a rusticated surface achieved before firing are the main features of Cotto Tradizionale Rustico.


This constitutes the most classic type of cotto. The characteristic pinhead finish, achieved by dry-brushing the surface of the tiles before firing, enhances the full inner structure, the living material of cotto, and guarantees the evenness of its unmistakable colour. The industrial development of this finish makes for a wide range of dimensions and the production of slim types which, thanks to their precision and sizing, can be installed quickly and easily. The natural plasticity of the material gives rise to additional special items for each of the various types for widely different applications both indoors and out.


One of the features of Traditional Cotto Tiles with a Rustic Surface is the comprehensive assortment of rectangular and square tiles in varying sizes which, along with other characteristic dimensions, provide the ideal solution for all flooring requirements, from the most traditional to the most recherché. For more than thirty years this product has been the leading ambassador and example of excellence of Cotto Imprunetino Ferrone in Italy and worldwide.


Special Items

The special items in the range of Traditional Cotto Tiles with Rustic Surface can be used to create stairways, handrails, edge protector and water drips. The colour and surface of these pieces are identical to those of the floor tiles, thus providing interior designers the means, in terms of continuity, for comprehensive finishing and furnishing solutions. The renowned natural frost-resistance of Cotto Imprunetino makes these pieces particularly important for use in outdoor environments.



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