Stain-Resistant Finish

A ceramic slip applied before firing and incorporated into the clay body at 1000 °C renders the finished cotto ware completely waterproof and resistant to stains of any kind.


A cotto tile produced in this way is ready for laying at any given moment. Unaffected by damp, it will never produce efflorescence and requires no further treatment at any stage. In addition, the tile body retains good breathability and affords the same proven and dependable resistance to frost that typifies all other products of this cotto family. A cotto for a thousand uses. A product of the latest generation, adaptable to serve practical needs while sacrificing none of its authentic cotto imprunetino attributes.


Luce is a new proposal in the engobe-finished cotto range. Luce – the result of experience gained with Maiolicato – has been developed to create greater sheerness and brilliant to this waterproof material. It is a cotto of sunny aspect which enhances the living material of the granular texture of Imprunetino tradition.




The first of all the protected cotto tiles, Maiolicato comes in the deep, warm shade of the Florentine tradition. Its distinct character is reflected by a strength demonstrated by many years of heavy-duty service in attractive ambients subject to a considerable amount of pedestrian traffic.



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