N4 North London, UK

Architect: LTDArchitecture
Interior Design: GPad London
Smoked Brick Manufacturer: Innova Tile//Fornace S.Anselmo (Lorregia, Italy)
Completed: 2017

LTDArchitecture and interior design practice GPad London has scooped the top prize at this year’s Evening Standard New Homes Awards for Wittering House, a stylish home built with dazzling attention to detail in north London using Innova Tile’s Smoked Brick for interior and exterior.
“The winning designers impressed a panel of judges with the modest yet elegant two-bedroom house they created on the site of a small derelict garage in Finsbury Park

Smoked Brick is not just limited to exterior use. When you use Smoked brick in your interiors it enhances the look and feel of your projects as nothing else in the market.

“The architecture had to be sympathetic to its location whilst maintaining its own identity; the chosen materials and use of them, from brick to brass cladding, complement the house’s miniature scale and simultaneously blend in with the neighboring Victorian terraces.

The overall design carefully considered space planning, the impact of materials and the building’s proportions to create a thoughtful layout, layering rooms to make the house feel larger, using doors and windows to create dual aspects and flooding the rooms with light and new, ever-changing vistas.

The staircase’s slatted design, instead of being enclosed, creates a visual interest and further opens up the living area; opening the living room doors continues and expands the space outwards into the courtyard, bringing the outside in.

Interior materials were chosen to complement the exterior and form a backdrop for other textures and colors for a subtle, but robust and high-quality, finish. White-washed oak, grey brick, and a light resin floor reflect natural light and make even smaller areas feel bright and generously proportioned.” Source: https://www.ajbuildingslibrary.co.uk/



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Case Study Wittering House